Deal Site CMS

If you want to open a deal site, we have a solution just for you. In this article you can read a short introduction to what features and opportunities it offers. We have a number of unique features which are not listed below because the list is too long. Please contact us to know more and get access to the demo.

Are you looking for a Deal Site CMS?

We have initially built our own deal site CMS but after a few years we found out that it was too costly to maintain. Eventually, we have decided to switch to WordPress WooCommerce which we believe is an ideal platform for deal sites. Development of deal sites in WooCommerce is quick and efficient due to numerous open-source resources available. There is very little maintenance as well – updates can be run directly from the administrative panel with a single click.


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The system includes a range of features which make it easy for you to administer your customers, orders, products so you have full control over your data.

Deal Site CMS features

  • Customer management
  • Order management
  • Content management
  • Timer / countdown function for limited time offers
  • Filter deals by various parameters
  • PDF invoice
  • Simple, variable, downloadable, virtual and other product types

and much more.

Contact us for more information

Are you interested to hear more about our deal site CMS solution? Please feel free to write or call us. We are always ready to have a chat and tell you more about the opportunities which our deal site CMS provides.